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Our cruise ships offer a world of modern luxury. Five of our award-winning ships sail throughout Europe, allowing you to travel in the utmost comfort. Our superlative service, delectable dining and spacious accommodations have been uniquely designed with you in mind


Deliciously distinctive dining

One of the best parts of travelling through Europe is the local delicacies which are a must on any day in port. Complimenting this culinary journey are our mouth-watering eateries on board, we have up to 12 restaurants, many already included in the price of your cruise. Savour the world’s hottest culinary trends paired to one of the largest selections of wine afloat.

Superior service

With one crew member for nearly every two guests, we can go that extra mile to deliver the intuitive and personal service you need to fully relax.

Sumptuous accommodation

85% of Solstice Class staterooms have a private balcony – allowing you to sit back and enjoy the stunning European coastline.


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