Experience Australia’s Top End

2nd February 2016
It’s here on a Celebrity Cruises shore excursion, you can experience all this and more!

X – Here, you will see all the colours of the rainbow on the ocean floor...

Great Barrier Reef Catamaran Experience



Board your Aussie adventure catamaran and cruise to a very special spot on the Great Barrier Reef, one of the "Seven Natural Wonders of the World."
Grab your gear and go snorkelling. Or venture beneath the surface aboard a semi-submersible for incredible underwater views.
Either way, you'll discover one of the world’s most vibrant marine environments. Take a break and relax on deck with a refreshing drink before the open-water run home.


X – Here, be captivated by the world’s deadliest Salt Water Crocodiles...             

Darwin Sights & Crocodiles


Gain an appreciation for Darwin's artistic community before taking a ride through the city past Christchurch Cathedral and the Botanical Gardens.
Head to Crocodylus Park, where things get a little more primal. Watch as deadly saltwater crocodiles display their strength during an exciting feeding demonstration.          
Beautiful in a beastly way!


X – Here, the tastes of Southeast Asia will dance on your taste buds...            

Bali Culinary Experience


Learn the secrets of Balinese cooking in the open-air kitchen of an expert chef. Taste a variety of unique flavours and observe ancient techniques from the region.                  
Start bright and early in the bustling market to shop for fresh meats, seafood, vegetables and spices, alongside locals going about their daily routines. Head back to the cooking school for a delicious breakfast.
Be sure to save room for the traditional cuisine you’ll soon be preparing during your Balinese cooking lesson.


X – Here, you will drink the smoothest of reds and the crispest of whites…      

Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail


Drive through the historic town of Guildford, enjoying a taste of the local spirits on the award-winning Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail.
Visit three of the region's best-known wineries and breweries, where you'll sample rich wines, beer, and local delicacies.
The region is also home to several walking trails, unique shops, and art galleries.    

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