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Interactive open-air grilling with ocean views.

The bright, modern environment of The Lawn Club Grill lends itself well to outdoor entertaining with family and friends. Seated around a special, custom-built, ventilated grill, you will take on the role of Grill Master and tackle some exciting tastes. An expert chef will be on hand to help you make the most of your grilling experience, inspired by the fun of cooking over an open flame that’s embraced by cultures the world over. The smart casual dress code and setting overlooking the real grass of The Lawn Club makes this a true country club experience on the seas. 

Surrounded by an endless view of the sea, let the exotic locale inspire you. With spices in hand, become your table’s Grill Master and roast your own delicious meat and seafood, aided by one of our friendly chefs. If you would rather sit back and watch the experts instead, let one of our cooks undertake the grilling for you. Either way, you will tuck into dishes like marinated lamb chops and milk-fed veal chop, grilled Atlantic salmon and Tandoori chicken. While the meat sizzles over a flame, share a delicious homemade flatbread, topped with sausage and peppers, Mediterranean vegetables and much more. Complement your meal with a side of lobster macaroni and cheese, and then finish with a cheesecake or crumble. At The Lawn Club Grill, your meal is literally what you make of it. 

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